Veterans and Toltec Stuff

Here it is, the long awaited (by me) website.

For a long time I thought two would be needed, one for my soldier boy stuff and one for the Toltec stuff. What I was known for was my writings about Vietnam and the guerrilla wars of the eighties, and I figured the audience drawn to that wouldn’t be interested in what I was into now.

What changed was involvement with veterans who were having a hard time with the aftermath. The fact is everyone has a hard time with the aftermath. Either they’re driven nuts by the stuff that happened in their wars (and there have been so many), or, after all that excitement, they find civilian life so boring that it can only be dealt with by a combination of violent behavior and substance abuse.

Well, like everybody else I led a disordered life after (post) a period of traumatic stress, and sometimes my thoughts on the matter were unpleasant. What got me out of that, mostly, was the spiritual toolkit I found, initially in the writings of Carlos Castaneda and later in training with don Miguel Ruiz and his former apprentices.

Toltec wisdom is one approach to spiritual matters, one that is especially suited to the needs of warriors. It’s not the only one, and modern Toltecs aren’t shy about picking up practices from other traditions, from Tibetan Buddhism to Pentecostal Christianity, with side journeys through clinical psychology and Indian (both kinds) mysticism. Whatever works, use it. The object of the game is to live a happy, productive, useful life, connected to Spirit. This is personal power and freedom.

This Toltec stuff has changed my life. It may not be right for you. But something is. Find it and work it.