Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond is a novel about Special Forces reconnaissance in the Vietnam War. It is also about the relations of three generations of military professionals, and their love-hate relationship with the U.S. Army.

“ABOVE AND BEYOND is an adventure novel of the highest order, full of truths about love, war, and the profession of arms.” – W.E.B. Griffin, best-selling author of The Brotherhood of War, The Corps, Honor Bound, and the Badge of Honor series

“A great read. I literally couldn’t put it down.” – Joseph L. Galloway, American correspondent

“We Were Soldiers Once…And Young The action is heart-pumping, heart-wrenching, and the story will absolutely hold you in its grip from the first page to the last. It is being there without the bullets.” -Don Bendell , author of Snake Eater and The B-52 Overture

“Above and Beyond is Jim Morris’s masterpiece, an epic tragedy of a man who dared all, and either won or lost all, depending on your point of view. Me, I think he won.” – Col. Robert K. Brown, American combat correspondent, investigative journalist, and founder/editor/publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine

“It is great news that Jim Morris, the most accomplished and admired of the many fine writers to emerge from the elite ranks of the US Army Special Forces, is back with a new novel. All of us who have admired Morris’ previous journalism, fiction, and his classic memoir, War Story, are sure to enjoy Above and Beyond. And readers who have never had the pleasure of reading his work before are in for a special treat. This is military literature at its finest!” – Kenn Miller, author of Tiger the Lurp Dog and Six Silent Men

“Above and Beyond” is a book one cannot read in one night because there is so much to ponder. Still, you can’t put it down. So be prepared for a long night, then. – Mark Berent, author of Rolling Thunder and Steel Tiger

“Jim’s first book, War Story was one of the great early accounts of the Vietnam War. This novel builds on that legacy, confirming why he’s one of our era’s great combat writers.” – John Plaster, SOG Secret Commando’s Ultimate Sniper

“Jim Morris is one of the most original and authentic voices in the whole body of Vietnam literature. He is the real deal.” – John Milius, screenwriter Apocalypse Now, Dirty Harry, Jeremiah Johnson and Red Dawn

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