Hot Extract Interview With Jim
Hank Brown, the Two-Fisted Blogger just did this interview with me and posted it on the SOFREP website. I recommend both his blog and the website for fans of adventure fiction and Special Operations. And a world of thanks to Hank and to Jack Murphy of SOFREP.

A Battle of Sorcerers Excerpt
The raven mocker circled, his excitement rising, until Sky and the other man went inside. After awhile Hildebrand crawled from under the truck and opened the truck door. The raven mocker started his dive.

Boyd and the Toltecs
COL John Boyd, USAF, is the most innovative military thinker since Clauswitz. But do his innovations come from shamanic skills? I think so.

Shrinks call it Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I call it a realistic appreciation for the human condition.

I Have Come to Step Over Your Soul excerpt:
The title comes from an old Cherokee curse, the most chilling piece of prose I have ever read.

War Story Excerpt
St. Martin’s used this as a teaser for their edition of War Story. I think they chose wisely.

Golden Eagle
This is the intro for a proposed anthology of my Toltec writings that I haven’t finished yet. But it’s a pretty good intro to how I got into that stuff.

Longer Articles/Stories in PDF format

HYMN Interview
This interview is from HYMN, the magazine of the Laboratory Arts Collective. It is by Cheryl Montelle, head of the veterans’ support group Mil-Tree.

Warrior’s Way
Teachings from the first four Castaneda books, edited into a sorcerer’s manual.

On Becoming TSALAGI
It’s disorienting to grow up thinking you’re one thing and find out late in life you’re another. In this case it’s thinking you’re white when you’re an Indian.

Spiritual Development in Oklahoma
How I shook PTSD by becoming hooked on Castaneda.

In which I decide to find out if there’s anything to this Toltec stuff, and enter a world of magic.

Observations On Women
My friend and editor the late Judith Moore asked me to do this piece because of my “vast experience” with women. She spoke kindly. She meant I had screwed up a lot of relationships, and surely I had learned something. Maybe.

Trickster as Guru
This is a collaboration with my professor John Locke at the University of Arkansas. John taught a great course on esoteric literature, and we had a lot of fun passing this back and forth through many revisions.

John is gone now. A dismissed and disgruntled former PhD candidate shot and killed him in his office at the university, and then took his own life.